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The revolution that will change hydraulics forever has started. And the timing could not be more crucial. As resources become more scarce, human demands increase, and the world around us changes, using energy in the most effective way is imperative.

Hydraulics are everywhere. Their ability to transmit power, control force and motion, and operate reliably under high pressure and heavy loads make them an integral part of a wide variety of applications and exist in many industries. It touches everything in the world and is a major contributor to global energy use.

But its technology has remained largely unchanged for the last 70 years. Meaningful change to reduce the amount of energy that we consume as a society must change.

We want people to do what they want but without using more money than is needed. Achieving more with less is how we make this possible.

Domin Staff Talking in Domin Technology Centre

A Growth Journey


The Lightbulb

Domin was founded on in-depth research into the technology to build out the concepts for the future of hydraulic systems.

Development at Domin


Defining the art-of-the-possible for the electrification of hydraulics and how the products could be installed into any industry was next.


The idea grew into a reality and, in 2019, the company launched its first product.


Focus, delivery, and expertise has turned the idea into a company with a robust growth trajectory.

What's next for Domin...

Redefining how the world uses energy is just step one.

By addressing how companies calculate cost, Domin’s high-performance and light hydraulic products will help transform globally important industries.

With Domin’s building blocks at the core of engineering design, we are building electrically signalled hydraulic systems that will enable a revolution in design across aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and beyond. 
Companies are targeted to be more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprints. The focus for now is on which industry is ready for change. Domin’s products will help companies achieve their sustainability goals and open possibilities for so much more.  
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Domin Technology Centre

Using the best machines, cutting-edge technology, and in-house design and manufacturing processes the team work collaboratively to create market leading digital hydraulic components and systems.

We are pioneering the future of hydraulics using additive manufacturing, modern onboard electronics, position sensing, and digital connectivity.
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