Rotary Controls Bring Revolution in Size and Robustness to Servo Valves

By harnessing the power of additive manufacturing and other 21st century technologies, Domin have taken a largely common design (the linear servo valve) and have created a unique interpretation that squeezes out every possible drop of performance. We then took the manual for a ‘traditional’ hydra...

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How Weight Affects Hydraulic Performance, Cost and Energy Savings

As the lockdown lifestyle has taken its toll on many of our waistlines, now is the perfect time to contemplate whether the hydraulics industry is overweight. Is hydraulics the equivalent of a tired, middle-aged man, struggling to accept that the world has moved on without him? Considering indust...

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Domin valves survive half a billion cycles

The service life for hydraulic systems is a critical metric for all industries, the longer the service life, the less down time and maintenance is needed which has a direct cost on customer operations. At Domin our Hydraulic Servo Valves have undergone extensive testing and life cycles to prove t...

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The World's First Direct to Market Valve Ordering Website

Our commitment to revolutionising the hydraulics market does not end with manufacturing of the highest quality hydraulic products. Domin has also set its sights on placing the customer at the centre of the ordering and supply process.  Addressing Inefficiencies in the Supply Chain There are a ran...

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Additive Manufacturing Fatigue Strength Quality Control

Delivering Reliability in Additive Manufacturing In 2019 Domin became the first company in the world to sell an off the shelf product manufactured using metal Additive Manufacturing (AM). Being the first meant having to solve problems without accepted solutions. One of the core challenges with ad...

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The positive impact of Domin Next Generation Products

  • 40% Fewer Parts
  • 25% Higher Flow
  • 400% Smaller
  • 200%+ Faster

Higher quality hydraulic valves and systems available at a lower price than more established units.

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High quality, world class Hydraulics valves & systems

The Domin direct drive hydraulic servo valves use the most advanced design, analysis, test and manufacturing technologies. This enabled an innovative step change in performance of DDV technology.

The direct drive hydraulic valves use the most advanced design, analysis, test and manufacturing technologies. Giving you are greener, cleaner, efficient and reliable servo systems and valves.

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Every Hydraulics product we ship
is fully tested for:

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