Head of Quality

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We are looking for someone to set up and lead our quality function at Domin. This brand new role at Domin will focus on taking our fast-growing company on the journey of cementing and expanding our quality processes. Domin is an ISO9001 certified company and has a deep belief in quality being the core of what we do.

In this role you will be responsible for growing a team and embedding quality within all departments in the company.

We are expanding into ever more regulated markets, including aerospace, automotive, marine and more. Our goals are to have products on planes in 2027-2028 and in cars in 2028 as well as be on ships in 2024. This growth gives us the ability to create this role. We believe in a centralised approach to quality where quality functions across all parts of the company. The role will require you to engage with all departments across the company whilst growing the quality department itself.

We believe in a lean and high-performance approach to quality that promotes doing things in the right way at the right time but makes the quality process exist seamlessly with the skills of the people in the company. Quality ensures that we deliver what the customer wants when they want it making sure that we delight our customers throughout their journey with Domin. Your role will be to deliver quality processes that delight all our stakeholders. The quality processes at Domin cover everything from receiving specifications from customers through to calibration or equipment in our laboratories.

Domin is a digital first company, our products, process and manufacturing is digital and our implementation of quality processes need to reflect this approach.

Essential Requirements:

  • 5+ years experience in leading quality
  • Experience in products in a regulated market e.g. automotive, aerospace, marine etc, but doesn’t matter which one
  • Highly digitally skilled
  • Set up new quality processes
  • Experience in day to day running of quality processes
  • Proven ability to carry out internal audits
  • Use of problem solving skills such as 8D
  • Growing a team

Beneficial Requirements:

  • Worked at a certification body e.g. Lloyds registry
  • Green belt lean in six sigma
  • Black belt lean in six sigma
  • Automotive experience
  • Finance experience to manage budgets

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