Head of Suspension Technology

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We are seeking a highly skilled and driven professional to lead our suspension technology commodity group. Domin have developed some world-leading active suspension technology, combining our expertise in high speed servo valves with high power-density pumps and accumulation to create an industry-changing digital system. Having worked with Aston Martin and Cranfield University for the past two years to prove the concept, we now have a unique opportunity to bring this technology to market with a major vehicle OEM by 2028. To capitalise on this opportunity we are creating a new commodity group within Domin, fully equipped to execute our goals and develop this technology.

This role sits at the heart of this hugely exciting and rewarding opportunity, looking after all aspects of the suspension technology development and execution and reporting directly into the CTO. Covering all aspects of our suspension technology roadmap from core product technology blocks (eg high performance compact pumps) through to advanced test rigs, the successful candidate will lead and grow a highly skilled multidisciplinary team capable of operating across all areas of the engineering spectrum.

A great candidate will blend three core skills:

  • The ability to grow and manage a mixed team (multi-disciplinary, with multiple teams within it as well as directly reporting managers and experts) to deliver on the technology roadmap
  • A strong technical background with the ability to drill into data and information and use this to make wise decisions
  • A strong commercial awareness to enable balanced and effective decisions to be made for the business

Key Responsibilities:

  • Deliver B-Sample suspension hardware and associated software to customer by end of 2024 for vehicle integration.
  • Put in place people, structures and rigs to enable rapid development and continuous improvement of our suspension technology.
  • Ensure robust V&V plans in place and executing to deliver on all aspects of requirements.
  • Provide strong leadership and mentorship to the functional leads (eg mechanical design, electronics, product validation) and various technical experts within the suspension technology organisation.
  • Ensure effective communication and collaboration between the teams to drive cross-functional synergies.
  • Share knowledge and learning across commodity groups to ensure we don’t slip into a siloed working culture.
  • Foster a culture of innovation and creativity, encouraging the teams to push boundaries and explore new concepts.
  • By end of first year in job, assume ownership of suspension technology roadmap.
  • Manage the suspension technology budget, ensuring great financial practices are followed in line with Domin policy and we get strong value for money.
  • Develop and implement consistent and high-quality methodologies and processes
  • Oversee the recruitment and onboarding of new team members, ensuring that the teams are equipped with top talent.
  • Collaborate with other parts of the organisation, such as Production, Digital, Sales and Marketing, to ensure maximum impact of products and market alignment.
  • Support investigations and improvement arising from customer feedback.

Essential Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or a related field.
  • Proven experience in managing a team of teams, preferably in the engineering or technology industry.
  • At least 5 years technical experience, preferably in complex mechanical, electronic or hydraulic products
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver high-quality technologies and products that meet specifications and market demands.
  • Excellent leadership and team management skills, with a track record of building and developing high-performing teams.
  • Innovative mindset with the ability to drive creativity and inspire design excellence.
  • Exceptional communication and collaboration skills, fostering strong crossfunctional partnerships.
  • Strategic thinking with the ability to align goals with the company’s technology roadmap.
  • Strong reporting and communication skills

Beneficial Requirements:

  • 5 or more years managing engineering team of teams
  • Experience in automotive sector
  • Deep working knowledge of active suspension systems
  • Experience of hydraulic systems
  • Experience in working with Additive Manufacturing, digital electronics, brushless DC motors

Success Criteria:

3 months

Within the first 3 months, we would expect a successful candidate to have delivered the following:

  • Full understanding of the suspension business, roadmap and key challenges to be faced
  • Organisation structure defined, agreed and recruitment/development plans in place to complete it
  • Roles and responsibilities for key members (functional leads, project manager, product owner) defined and agreed
  • Suspension technology budget produced and approved
  • Full V&V plan created and approved for suspension technology
  • Fully populated, agreed and resourced delivery plan created for suspension technology development out to end of 2025

12 months

Following a year in the role, the following will demonstrate great success:

  • First B-Sample hardware delivered to customer for vehicle integration
  • All supporting software and control developed and validated
  • Clear set of KPIs implemented, monitored and reported that allow the health and success of the business unit to be known.
  • Great feedback received from team and other key stakeholders, measured through skip level and 360 feedback

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