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Saving money with better performance
We’ve been waiting a long time for an extremely rugged servo valve that holds up in the forest industry. We didn’t expect this valve to be so cost-effective and handle extreme vibration at high cycle rates. With a very small footprint and as a seamless upgrade for Bosch, Moog, Parker, and Woodward. We now stock several valves for a wide range of applications. Saving money with better performance.
Sales Manager, Peerless Engineering
Much better than the Moog D633.
The valve was within specs (in terms of pressure drop and response time) and was much better than the Moog D633. This is very good news for the future tests we will be performing.
Head of R&D, PYTHEAS Technology
The valve performance & durability is unmatched.
Domin’s customer service is the only thing that outshines the performance of the valves. The valve’s performance, configurability & durability is simply unmatched. We’ve been able to replace several OEMS valves with a single Domin valve. We’ve put the Domin into our harshest applications & it performed flawlessly.
Vice President, The Servo Group
Best servo valve we have ever seen!
The Domin S6 Pro servo valve is the best servo valve we have ever seen. It has an incredible response time and is unbelievably tiny.
Technical Manager, Careful Hydraulics and Electronics
Extremely responsive, small size, and looks great!
The Domin S6 Pro performs just as you advertised it to be. Extremely responsive, small in size, and looks great!
Fluid Product Services Manager, Automation & Control Technologies
It has great hysteresis and good repeatability.
“The valve is well made, solid, looks great and has a nice finish. It has great hysteresis and good repeatability. We tested it thoroughly and were unable to find any faults.”
Technical Manager, Magneto Hydraulique and Pneumatique Inc