Intelligent Solutions for Visi-Trak: A Partnership for Success for the Die-casting Industry

Advanced Solutions for the Die Casting Industry

The die-casting industry around the world uses Visi-Trak’s Sure-Trak2 real time closed loop shot control systems for very complex castings and mission-critical applications. These companies can’t afford unplanned downtime or suboptimal performance.

Visi-Trak are accelerating technological advancement within the die casting industry. Their systems are critical to keeping machines running and making good parts.


Domin Hydraulic System


Tom Vann, the President at Visi-Trak, was looking for a new partner to manufacture high-performance and affordable servo valves. He was introduced to Domin and was impressed with how they use advanced engineering processes to design and manufacture compact and powerful valves.

Domin S6 Pro
S6 Pro
S10 Pro
S10 Pro

Centralised Systems without Compromise

The Domin direct drive servo valves provide extremely reliable performance in a tough environment.

The S6 Pro and S10 Pro servo valves have given Visi-Trak the ability to sell their high-performance valve package with unparalleled performance and reliability in the extremely demanding die casting environment.

Visi-Trak’s valve package is now faster, smaller, lighter, and deliver more accuracy within their die casting processes.

Talk to our technical sales team to find out how Domin’s high-performance servo valves can revolutionise your business.