Crafting Precision: Component Manufacturing with BrassCraft

Brass Components

Precision and Reliability with Domin Servo Valves

BrassCraft, a manufacturer of brass components for plumbing, has been utilising Domin servo valves in their rotary transfer machines. These machines require precise control of cutting tools and feed rates to produce high-quality brass parts consistently.

The Domin S6 Pro servo valves have proven to be an excellent choice for BrassCraft’s operations. These valves offer exceptional responsiveness and positioning accuracy, enabling tighter tolerances and improved product quality.

One key advantage of Domin valves is their compact design, allowing for optimised machine layouts and space savings on the production floor. The small footprint of these valves has helped streamline BrassCraft’s machine setups, contributing to increased efficiency.

Additionally, the reliability and durability of Domin servo valves have been noteworthy. BrassCraft has experienced fewer breakdowns and maintenance issues since incorporating these valves into their production processes.

Impressed with the performance and service life of Domin servo valves, BrassCraft has adopted them as the standard for new machine installations and retrofits across their facilities.

Benefits of the S6 Pro Servo Valve

  • Unparalleled positioning accuracy
  • Exceptional responsiveness
  • Enhanced reliability for manufacturing applications 
Domin S6 Pro

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