Customer Promise

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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that every customer feels heard and valued.

Our average daytime response time is 10 minutes, so customers can expect quick and efficient service.

Domin S4 Pro Servo Proportional Valve

With an average worldwide order to delivery time of just 8 weeks, we ensure that customers receive their products in time to fulfil their business objectives.

Our customer promise is centered around providing personalized service, quick response times, and efficient delivery, which we service to our customers across the globe.

Our Mission is to Save 1 Gigatonne of CO2 Emissions Every Year by 2030

From the valves that we have in service, we have saved 1069 metric tonnes of CO2. This is the same as: 

130m Fully Charged Smartphones

2.6m Miles Driven in an Average Car

550k Litres of Petrol Saved

121k Trees Planted

1,286 Passengers Flown from New York to London

194 Homes' Annual Electricity Consumption