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As the world moves towards electrification and sustainable movement, the use of energy and control of motion becomes ever more critical.

Our technology offers class-leading performance in a highly compact package, making it the clear choice for motion control applications across a wide range of industries.

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We create ultra-compact digital hydraulic systems with complex 3D printed manifolds that drive and regenerate energy at 95% efficiency at high bandwidth and wide operating power levels.
Domin’s Systems Deliver

Increased Reliability, Performance & Profitability

More Efficiency

Considerable annual energy savings from reducing hydraulic power consumption, which removes 1 tonne of CO2 emissions.

More Power

Get power density, dynamic performance and reliability that sets new standards compared to existing alternatives already on the market.

More Precision

Advanced electronics give precise and accurate closed-loop control and modern sensing technology.

More Reliability

Less downtime and reduced maintenance cost with technology driven by intelligent onboard electronics that is designed and built to last.

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Servo Proportional Valves

S10 Pro

Rated Flow (50-250 l/min)

The Domin S10 Pro is a single-stage servo proportional valve which combines high flow, excellent dynamics, strong chip shear, and low power consumption. The S10 Pro has been designed to sustain high bandwidth operation at exceptional flows without significant limitation of operating pressures or duty cycles.
S6 Pro X-min

S6 Pro X

Rated Flow (10-63 l/min)

The Domin S6 Pro X servo proportional valve builds upon the benefits of the S6 Pro. Notably, the S6 Pro X is available in two versions: voltage-controlled and current-controlled, providing greater flexibility in its application.
S6 Pro-min
Rated Flow (18-60 l/min)

The Domin S6 Pro servo proportional valve has been designed to achieve the best characteristics from two competing valve technologies: fluid amplified electrohydraulic valves and proportional valves.
S4 Pro
Rated Flow (0.5-18 l/min)

The S4 Pro valves are lightweight, high-performance directional flow control valves. Suited to applications requiring superior performance, dynamics and reliability expected of a proportional valve in an ultra-compact package.
Domin Valves in the shape of the logo
Reimagined Systems Radically Transforming Energy Use

Together, we can Save 1 Billion Tonnes of CO2

Our novel design for hydraulic systems will revolutionise the way that energy is used in industrial and commercial applications. 

By reducing energy waste by 95% and helping to save 15 tonnes of carbon for each valve sold, we have the potential to make a significant reduction to the world’s energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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