Choosing the Right Hydraulic Servo Valve

Domin S6 Pro

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Unveiling Key Advantages in Weight, Energy Efficiency, and Performance

Hydraulic servo valves play a crucial role in controlling motion across various industrial processes. In this article, we take a look at the largest manufacturers of hydraulic servo valves, from Moog, Parker, and Bosch Rexroth and provide an overview of their offerings. Then, we will showcase how Domin’s high-response servo valves compare in terms of performance, reliability, and ownership value.

Understanding Hydraulic Servo Valves

Servo valves, essential components within hydraulic systems, meticulously regulate the flow or pressure of fluid, orchestrating precision and control in various industrial applications. These valves play a pivotal role by translating electrical signals into precise hydraulic outputs, ensuring seamless motion control. There are two predominant types of servo valves: two-stage servo valves and direct drive servo valves. Each has distinctive characteristics, influencing their effectiveness in specific applications.

Leading Servo Valves Manufacturers

While there are a multitude of servo valve manufacturers globally, each offering distinct benefits, we focus our attention on the largest manufacturers in the hydraulic industry.

Moog, an American-based manufacturer with over 60 years of experience, specialises in electric and hydraulic motion controls. Their servo valves are known for reliability and accuracy, making them a prominent player in the hydraulics industry.

Parker Hannifin, has over a century of engineering experience, providing precision-engineered solutions. Their hydraulic proportional-servo valves are designed to meet industry demands in performance and precision, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Bosch Rexroth AG, a German engineering company, is a top manufacturer of products and systems related to the control and motion of industrial and mobile equipment. Bosch Rexroth’s hydraulic servo valves, with unique controller designs, are respected for controlling pressure, flow, and position of hydraulic fluid. 

Comparative Analysis

Now, let’s explore how Domin’s high-response servo valves compare to existing offerings on the market.


When compared to Moog’s products, known for their reliability and accuracy, Domin’s high-response servo valves provide a notable advantage in energy savings. Domin’s valves eliminate the pilot stage, a key feature in two-stage Moog valves, like the G761. This strategic design choice in the Domin servo valve not only enhances reliability, but also contributes significantly to energy conservation. 

When looking at the Moog D633, the Domin S6 Pro offers a combination of improvements. The Domin S6 Pro has a 50% higher flow, whilst also including a reduction in size and weight, being almost 80% smaller and lighter.  

When comparing other popular models such as the Moog D633 to the Domin upgrade (S6 Pro), there are a combination of improvements. The Domin S6 Pro exhibits a 50% higher flow, whilst also boasting an impressive reduction in size and weight, being almost 80% smaller and lighter.


In contrast to Parker’s D1FP valve, Domin’s high-response servo valves not only offer a reduction in size and weight but also give a significant improvement in flow performance, with a remarkable 90% reduction in weight and an 80% decrease in size.  

Domin’s valves also outpace Parker’s D1FP in terms of flow, providing a 50% higher flow rate. This dual advantage—lighter weight and smaller size, coupled with superior flow capabilities—positions Domin’s valves as the optimal choice for a diverse range of applications. This comprehensive improvement showcases Domin’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine standards in both efficiency and performance. 


Domin’s high-response servo valves show a positive advantage over Bosch Rexroth’s servo valves, boasting a 20% faster response rate (compared to 4WRPEH 6). This improved speed is crucial in dynamic processes like industrial manufacturing, robotics, and aerospace, ensuring precise control and accuracy. Domin’s valves are a great choice in applications where swift and accurate motion control is essential, underscoring our commitment to advancing hydraulic valve technology for superior performance across diverse industries. 

Revolutionising Hydraulic Valve Technology: How Domin Sets the Standard

At Domin, we not only redefine hydraulic valve technology but can offer practical solutions that work brilliantly to improve your existing systems. Our high-response servo valves stand out as versatile, off-the-shelf solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing systems, ensuring ease of use and swift interchangeability. 

We bring you the best of two-stage and direct-drive servo valves without compromise. By combining the strengths of these valve types, Domin optimises performance, responsiveness, and efficiency in a way that suits a spectrum of applications.  

Domin’s valves lead the way in enhancing energy efficiency within hydraulic systems. Experience the future of hydraulic valve technology with Domin’s innovative solutions. 

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