The Strength of Maraging Steel in Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive manufacturing

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At Domin, we’re renowned for engineering a range of servo proportional valves that defy convention and set new standards in all industries that they are applied. Our products are designed to enable industries to innovate without compromises, and a key tool that allows us to achieve this is metal additive manufacturing.

We use maraging steel in our additive manufacturing process, which was chosen for its attributes of being incredibly strong and tough. This allows us to print small and complex designs without any compromise to durability and strength. The nature of additive manufacturing also means it’s quite simple for us to make modifications at the design stage, and take it right through to the manufactured part, so our customers can have valves with very specific characteristics that suit their systems.

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a manufacturing process that creates objects by building layer upon layer. While many may be familiar with additive manufacturing using thermoplastics, Domin is one of only a handful of companies to use metal additive manufacturing in the production of fully commercialised products.

The use of metal additive manufacturing has allowed us to take an architectural approach to design, enabling us to develop tiny yet complex systems in our hydraulic designs, including our servo valves. We can ensure that these complex internal geometries are designed to optimize fluid dynamics, which enhances efficiency and performance.

By leveraging the capabilities of additive manufacturing, we’ve built Domin by not accepting compromises in our engineering and design processes. This approach means our customers no longer have to accept compromises either. Our metal additive manufacturing expertise allows us to create valves that are rugged, reliable, and tailored to the specific needs of each industry we serve.

At Domin, we combine innovative architectural design with cutting-edge tools like metal additive manufacturing, modern onboard electronics, position sensing, and digital connectivity. This powerful combination sets new standards in hydraulic valve technology, empowering our customers to push the boundaries of innovation in their respective fields.

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