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Domin is always on the hunt for talented people to join our growing team. Please read more about us below, review some of our current vacancies, or get in touch if you have the right skills and would like to explore working with us in the future. 

Company Overview

At Domin, we are developing state-of-the-art technology which increases the efficiency of all systems by 400%.

We are disrupting the hydraulics industry for the better, making companies and products more efficient, and together saving one gigatonnes of CO2 every year by 2030.

Combining, optimising and integrating diverse and challenging disciplines such as fluid mechanics, structural engineering, high speed electric machinery, advanced electronics and control, advanced manufacturing including Additive Manufacturing and Internet of Things connectivity, we are developing customer solutions with application across a range of sectors, including industrial, energy, automotive and aerospace.

We believe in operating a vertically integrated business with a clear and open structure, where we put the needs and requirements of the customer at the front and centre of our engineering capability. We are looking to expand and develop our team in order to accelerate our impact in the industry. At our core, we are a global team of leading engineers and industry experts across hydraulics, electronics and digital technologies with robust R&D and production capabilities. We are headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom, supercharged by a world class production facility in Mielec, Poland.

We are on a journey to make a positive impact on the world, placing stakeholder value at the core of all that we do, and we are looking for exceptional people to join us on this mission.

Domin employees work to a 9-day fortnight, where every other Friday is a day off. They are human, after all.

Current Vacancies 

Full Stack Software Engineer, Digital 

Connect with Domin

We are always eager to speak to people within the industry who share our vision for the future and desire to disrupt and transform the Hydraulics Industry. If you believe that you could fulfil a role with Domin not listed above, then please do send us your details.


The positive impact of Domin Next Generation Products

  • 40% Fewer Parts
  • 25% Higher Flow
  • 400% Smaller
  • 200%+ Faster

Higher quality hydraulic valves and systems available at a lower price than more established units.

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High quality, world class Hydraulics valves & systems

The Domin direct drive hydraulic servo valves use the most advanced design, analysis, test and manufacturing technologies. This enabled an innovative step change in performance of DDV technology.

The direct drive hydraulic valves use the most advanced design, analysis, test and manufacturing technologies. Giving you are greener, cleaner, efficient and reliable servo systems and valves.

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2030 Emission Savings Target

1 Gigatonnes CO2

Per Year
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Our Current Annual CO2 Savings

78 Metric Tonnes

Which is the same as:

Smartphones fully charged
Miles driven in average car
Litres of petrol saved
Trees planted
Passengers flown from New York to London
Homes' annual electricity consumption
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