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Increasing efficiencies to drive low costs and higher profitability with our ground-breaking products, components and sub-systems that set new standards in power density and dynamic performance.

High Performance Hydraulic Valves

Domin’s servo valve range represents the pinnacle of hydraulic efficiency and precision. Combining cutting-edge technology with compact design, our valves offer unparalleled performance without compromise. Delivering world-class precision, reduced downtime, and considerable energy savings, Domin valves are the optimal choice for motion control applications.

S4 Pro

Full Active Bump-by-Bump Control

A world-class system, enabling true independent four-corner electric actuation and the route to energy-optimised electric vehicles.

Save weight with the removal of electronic anti-roll control, adaptive damping and springs saves >40kg per vehicle.

Enables lower coefficient of friction tyres, ride height adjustment, reduction of electrical power consumption for 10% range extension over WLTP.

Minimise energy use with an average power consumption of just <5W per corner, including roll control.

Technical specifications

Damping Rates

300-7000 Ns/m in <3ms

Spring Rates

20-250 N/mm switchable in <3ms

Ride Height Adjustment



<5kg per corner


Electrical power & signal only (analogue/CANBus)

Performance without Compromise

We have developed next-generation actuation and control technology that offers benefits on all fronts.

Our brake-by-wire technology is less than half the weight of equivalent EMAs, and finally enables the removal of the central hydraulic system, creating massive weight savings. 

Technical specifications



Rated Flow @ 70 Bar

18 lpm

Frequency @ 25%

18 lpm

Step Response

18 lpm


18 lpm

Domin’s Product Deliver

Increased Reliability, Performance & Profitability

Weight Saving

Higher Flow

Fewer Parts

Greater Performance

Better Energy Use

Domin Valves in the shape of the logo
Our valves

Increase margins and profitability

Easy to interchange these units with affordable assembly kits available to minimise system
changes. These include female connectors and adaptor plates.

Lower servicing costs, as there are no high-pressure seals, no filters, fewer components,
simpler assembly, and environmental sealing.

Considerable annual energy savings with elimination of quiescent leakage from the pilot stage,
reduced hydraulic power consumption, reduced CO2 consumption by 1 ton annually when
replacing a two-stage with a DDV, and 1 tonne of CO2 required 2500 kWh of energy.

Our valves

Improved performance

Improved product quality: advanced electronics give precise and accurate closed-loop control and modern spool sensing technology.

Increased productivity: fast steps responses of 3ms compared with competitors of over 8ms, high flow rates, and high frequency response.

Repeatability: low hysteresis that give high accurate movement in both directions, low threshold, and low null shift.

Our valves

Increase reliability

Less down time: with no first stage, all small blockage prone features are removed.

More contamination resistance: with a more powerful motor, the high torque electric motor gives great resistance to chip shear events. Intelligent onboard electronics can detect chip shear events and shut valve to avoid damage

Reduce maintenance cost by being fatigue proof; all valves are cycled to 5250psi for 1 million cycle pre-shipping and are designed and built to last.

High-Performance Hydraulic Valves in Die Casting

Saving money with better performance
We’ve been waiting a long time for an extremely rugged servo valve that holds up in the forest industry. We didn’t expect this valve to be so cost-effective and handle extreme vibration at high cycle rates. With a very small footprint and as a seamless upgrade for Bosch, Moog, Parker, and Woodward. We now stock several valves for a wide range of applications. Saving money with better performance.
Sales Manager, Peerless Engineering
Much better than the Moog D633.
The valve was within specs (in terms of pressure drop and response time) and was much better than the Moog D633. This is very good news for the future tests we will be performing.
Head of R&D, PYTHEAS Technology
The valve performance & durability is unmatched.
Domin’s customer service is the only thing that outshines the performance of the valves. The valve’s performance, configurability & durability is simply unmatched. We’ve been able to replace several OEMS valves with a single Domin valve. We’ve put the Domin into our harshest applications & it performed flawlessly.
Vice President, The Servo Group
Best servo valve we have ever seen!
The Domin S6 Pro servo valve is the best servo valve we have ever seen. It has an incredible response time and is unbelievably tiny.
Technical Manager, Careful Hydraulics and Electronics
Extremely responsive, small size, and looks great!
The Domin S6 Pro performs just as you advertised it to be. Extremely responsive, small in size, and looks great!
Fluid Product Services Manager, Automation & Control Technologies
It has great hysteresis and good repeatability.
“The valve is well made, solid, looks great and has a nice finish. It has great hysteresis and good repeatability. We tested it thoroughly and were unable to find any faults.”
Technical Manager, Magneto Hydraulique and Pneumatique Inc

Creating Sustainable Value

How the world currently uses energy is inefficient, expensive, wasteful, and has a high carbon output. Meaningful change to reduce the amount of energy that we consume is needed. Achieving more with less is how we make this possible.

When we improve efficiencies, we reduce energy use, we reduce waste, we reduce costs, we improve sustainability, we improve profitability. 

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