The Domin S10 Pro


S10 Pro

Unlock massive energy savings with the Domin S10 Pro series, the most efficient direct drive valve for flows ranging from 100 to 250 lpm.

Designed to sustain high bandwidth operation at exceptional flows without compromising on operating pressures or duty cycles, the S10 Pro is the pinnacle of reliability and versatility. Where other servo proportional valves struggle with packaging size and weight, the S10 Pro rises above, offering a lighter and more compact alternative to traditional electrohydraulic servo valves.

Experience the difference with the Domin S10 Pro. Whether you’re dealing with high flows or demanding applications, its single-stage design ensures optimal performance every time.

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Key stats for the S10 Pro




<3 l/min

Shock Resistance


Frequency Response

>150 Hz

Rated Flow

50-250 l/min

Response Time


S10 Pro Common Applications

Blow / Injection Moulding
Wood / Timber Machines
Metal Processing
Metal Processing
Die Casting
Die Casting
Hydraulic Presses
Vibration Equipment


Parker D3FP
0 %
Bosch 4WRPEH 10
0 %
Woodward 27G
Higher Bandwidth
0 %
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