The Domin S10 Pro


S10 Pro

The Domin S10 Pro is a single-stage servo proportional valve which combines high flow, excellent dynamics, strong chip shear, and low power consumption.

The S10 Pro has been designed to sustain high bandwidth operation at exceptional flows without significant limitation of operating pressures or duty cycles.

Where servo proportional valves have been employed to control high flows there is a clear trade with packaging size and weight. The S10 Pro valve is packaged to be lower weight and more compact than the best of electrohydraulic servo valves.

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Key stats for the S10 Pro




<3 l/min

Shock Resistance


Frequency Response

>150 Hz

Rated Flow

50-250 l/min

Response Time


S10 Pro Common Applications

Blow / Injection Moulding
Wood / Timber Machines
Metal Processing
Metal Processing
Die Casting
Die Casting
Hydraulic Presses
Vibration Equipment


Moog D634
0 %
Faster Step Response
Bosch 4WRPEH 10
0 %
Woodward 27G
0 %
Higher Bandwidth
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