Domin Awarded Patent for Innovative S4 Pro Servo Proportional Valve

Domin S4 Pro Servo Proportional Valve

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a patent for our revolutionary S4 Pro Servo Proportional Valve. The S4 Pro is a high-performance servo valve that utilizes a direct drive design to provide unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness in motion control applications. The patent covers the unique and innovative features of the S4 […]

MANIFEST: Micro Electric Actuation System for Future More-Electric Aircraft Systems

Domin Join A Trailblazing Team To Develop Novel Braking Technology For Aerospace Domin’s world-leading x-by-wire solutions enable the rapid transition to high performing, sustainable systems in a digital world. As transportation is electrified, actuation systems need to follow suit. For aerospace actuation and braking, traditional centralised systems are too heavy and existing electro-magnetic solutions are […]

How Weight Affects Hydraulic Performance, Cost and Energy Savings

Compact Hydraulic Valve

Considering industries such as Aerospace and Robotics rely heavily on hydraulics, why is the technology so out of date? Where companies like Tesla and Instagram are redefining their sectors, it’s about time that the hydraulic industry went through an overhaul. Domin is driving a technological revolution to reimagine hydraulic performance. Does the Hydraulics Industry Have a […]

SWIFT Grant Success to revolutionise high-performance valves

Domin SWIFT Grant

Domin is very proud to announce that they have been successful in securing Innovate UK funding to carry out an exciting and innovative project to revolutionise power delivery and control for mobile applications, specifically focusing on ‘digital’ hydraulics and high-performance valves. In this 9-month project, we will work closely with collaborative partners the University of […]

ASCEND: A £1.9M Innovate UK project to develop a connected servo valve platform

Connected Digital Servo Valve Platform

ASCEND – Advanced Sensing & Connectivity for Energy efficient Next-generation Hydraulic Devices Game Changing Innovation to Servo Valves to Hit Hydraulics Domin is democratising hydraulics by giving access to data, reliable insights and world class customer service, types of business support which have been previously unheard of in the industry. These initiatives will not only […]

Domin hydraulic servo valves survive half a billion cycles

Long Life Reliable Hydraulic Components

The service life for hydraulic systems is a critical metric for all industries, the longer the service life, the less downtime and maintenance is needed which has a direct cost on customer operations. At Domin, our Hydraulic Servo Valves have undergone extensive testing and life cycles to prove their durability, robust designs and show their maturity.  Additive […]