How Domin Has Overcome the Inefficiencies of Traditional Valves 

Development within the hydraulics industry has been static for decades, supplying customers with products and systems that are outdated, ineffective, and wasteful. There is almost no better example of this than traditional two-stage servo valves.  A common flaw in the design of these valves is parasitic loss. Two-stage valves use a pilot valve to control […]

Rotary Control Brings Revolution in Size and Robustness to Servo Valves

Rotary Digital Control Hydraulic Servo Valves

By harnessing the power of additive manufacturing and other 21st-century technologies, Domin has taken a largely common design (the linear servo valve) and has created a unique interpretation of rotary control that squeezes out every possible drop of performance. We then took the manual for a ‘traditional’ hydraulic servo valve and threw it out the […]