Motion Control

Challenging Conventional Thinking

We Are Radically Transforming How The World Controls Motion

Through transforming hydraulics, we create new solutions that will transform global systems. Our products enable:

Solutions for Industrial

New Standards in Power Density and Dynamic Performance.

Car Driving in Nature

Solutions for Automotive

Deliver four-corner control of your vehicle.

Aircraft Flying

Solutions for Aerospace

Enabling More-Electric Aircraft Architecture.

Creating Sustainable Value

How the world currently uses energy is inefficient, expensive, wasteful, and has a high carbon output. Meaningful change to reduce the amount of energy that we consume is needed. Achieving more with less is how we make this possible.

When we improve efficiencies, we reduce energy use, we reduce waste, we reduce costs, we improve sustainability, we improve profitability.

High Performance Hydraulic Valves

S4 Pro
Rated Flow (0.5-18 l/min)

The S4 Pro valves are lightweight, high-performance directional flow control valves. Suited to applications requiring superior performance, dynamics and reliability expected of a proportional valve in an ultra-compact package.
S6 Pro-min
Rated Flow (18-60 l/min)

The Domin S6 Pro servo proportional valve has been designed to achieve the best characteristics from two competing valve technologies: fluid amplified electrohydraulic valves and proportional valves.
S6 Pro X-min

S6 Pro X

Rated Flow (10-63 l/min)

The Domin S6 Pro X servo proportional valve builds upon the benefits of the S6 Pro. Notably, the S6 Pro X is available in two versions: voltage-controlled and current-controlled, providing greater flexibility in its application.

S10 Pro

Rated Flow (50-250 l/min)

The Domin S10 Pro is a single-stage servo proportional valve which combines high flow, excellent dynamics, strong chip shear, and low power consumption. The S10 Pro has been designed to sustain high bandwidth operation at exceptional flows without significant limitation of operating pressures or duty cycles.

Ground-breaking technology

Domin is using ground-breaking technology to bring positive change to the world. The technology that we’ve developed is going to give people the products that they need and the services that they want, whilst also making their lives better.
Marcus Pont
CEO, Domin

A fraction of the energy of conventional systems

We’re developing technologies that allow us to harvest as much energy as possible and reuse it. So, cycles that have a high degree of reversible energy transfer, for example, flight controls, we can recover that energy, we can store it locally and we can use it again, which means that actually, we’re only using a fraction of the energy that conventional systems use. We have developed technology that uses a 10th of the energy of what exists today.
SImon Jones
CTO, Domin

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