The Domin S6 Pro


S6 Pro

Experience optimal performance without compromise. Whether in test simulation or industrial manufacturing, the S6 Pro ensures seamless operations and maximum productivity, thanks to its superior design and exceptional power density.

With the Domin S6 Pro, you get the best of both worlds: the size, mass, dynamic capabilities, and industry-leading power density of the most advanced two-stage valves, paired with low quiescent leakage and unwavering reliability. Experience effortless efficiency, precision and power with the Domin S6 Pro series.

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S6 Pro-min

Key stats for the S6 Pro




<1.1 l/min



Frequency Response

>190 Hz

Rated Flow

18-60 l/min

Response Time

<3.5 ms

S6 Pro Common Applications

Die Casting
Die Casting
Blow / Injection Moulding
Wood / Timber Machines
Vibration Equipment
Metal Processing
Metal Processing


Faster Step Response
0 %
Bosch Rexroth 4WRPEH 6
Higher Flow
0 %
Parker D1FP
0 %
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