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Servo Valves for Metal Processing

Revolutionising the Metal Industry
with Cutting-Edge Technology and Performance.

Metal processing manufacturers are constantly striving to improve efficiency, reliability, and profitability. Domin’s next-generation servo valves bring innovation and enhanced production processes to the metal industry. With a focus on reliability, contamination resistance, and failure detection, Domin is empowering manufacturers to elevate their operations and drive efficiency.

Domin’s high-performance direct drive servo valves offer exceptional resistance to particulates and contamination, ensuring reliability and minimising the risk of failures in intense metal processing conditions. By eliminating small blockage-prone features found in two-stage valves, Domin’s valves offer improved reliability for manufacturers.

Increased Reliability, Performance & Profitability

More Efficiency

Considerable annual energy savings from reducing hydraulic power consumption, which removes 1 tonne of CO2 emissions.

More Power

Get power density, dynamic performance and reliability that sets new standards compared to existing alternatives already on the market.

Reduced Downtime

All small, blockage-prone features are removed. Intelligent electronics detect chip shear events and shut valve to avoid potential damage.

Drop-in Replacement

Designed on popular industry standard port patterns, meaning easy integration into existing hydraulic systems.

Domin's Servo Valves
for the Die-Casting Industry

Our Products

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Servo Proportional Valves

S10 Pro

Rated Flow (50-250 l/min)

The Domin S10 Pro is a single-stage servo proportional valve which combines high flow, excellent dynamics, strong chip shear, and low power consumption. The S10 Pro has been designed to sustain high bandwidth operation at exceptional flows without significant limitation of operating pressures or duty cycles.
S6 Pro X-min

S6 Pro X

Rated Flow (10-63 l/min)

The Domin S6 Pro X servo proportional valve builds upon the benefits of the S6 Pro. Notably, the S6 Pro X is available in two versions: voltage-controlled and current-controlled, providing greater flexibility in its application.
S6 Pro-min
Rated Flow (18-60 l/min)

The Domin S6 Pro servo proportional valve has been designed to achieve the best characteristics from two competing valve technologies: fluid amplified electrohydraulic valves and proportional valves.
S4 Pro
Rated Flow (0.5-18 l/min)

The S4 Pro valves are lightweight, high-performance directional flow control valves. Suited to applications requiring superior performance, dynamics and reliability expected of a proportional valve in an ultra-compact package.