Rugged and Reliable Servo Valves

for Timber Manufacturers

Helping the Timber Industry to Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs.

Hydraulic servo valves are essential for applications in optimizers, band saws, veneer lathes, and more. Domin works with various partners in the timber industry to address wear and tear challenges, minimise downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and optimise productivity.

Domin’s servo valves offer exceptional quality and performance, setting new industry standards. They deliver superior power density, dynamic performance, and reliability. Despite their advanced features, the servo valves remain competitively priced, and their efficient global shipping ensures timely integration into timber manufacturing operations.

Increased Reliability and Energy Efficiency.

More Efficiency

We eliminate any quiescent leakage from the pilot stage, reducing hydraulic power consumption.

More Power

Get power density, dynamic performance and reliability that sets new standards compared to existing alternatives already on the market.

Reduced Downtime

No high-pressure seals or filters ensures lower servicing needs for Domin valves. Fewer components also results in a simpler assembly.

Drop-in Replacement

Designed on popular industry standard port patterns, meaning easy integration into existing hydraulic systems.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for an extremely rugged servo valve that holds up in the forest industry. We didn’t expect this valve to be so cost-effective and handle extreme vibration at high cycle rates. With a very small footprint and as a drop-in replacement for Bosch, Moog, Parker, and Woodward. We now stock several valves for a wide range of applications. Saving money with better performance.”

Sales Manager, Peerless Engineering

Our Products

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Servo Proportional Valves

S10 Pro

Rated Flow (50-250 l/min)

The Domin S10 Pro is a single-stage servo proportional valve which combines high flow, excellent dynamics, strong chip shear, and low power consumption. The S10 Pro has been designed to sustain high bandwidth operation at exceptional flows without significant limitation of operating pressures or duty cycles.
S6 Pro X-min

S6 Pro X

Rated Flow (10-63 l/min)

The Domin S6 Pro X servo proportional valve builds upon the benefits of the S6 Pro. Notably, the S6 Pro X is available in two versions: voltage-controlled and current-controlled, providing greater flexibility in its application.
S6 Pro-min
Rated Flow (18-60 l/min)

The Domin S6 Pro servo proportional valve has been designed to achieve the best characteristics from two competing valve technologies: fluid amplified electrohydraulic valves and proportional valves.
S4 Pro
Rated Flow (0.5-18 l/min)

The S4 Pro valves are lightweight, high-performance directional flow control valves. Suited to applications requiring superior performance, dynamics and reliability expected of a proportional valve in an ultra-compact package.