Advancing Sailing Technology: Domin Partnership with INEOS Britannia

Ineos Britannia


We are proud to partner with INEOS Britannia, supplying them with our state-of-the-art servo valves to enhance the performance of their race boat for the 37th America’s Cup. INEOS Britannia is renowned for pushing the boundaries of sailing technology and with our high-precision servo valves, we are contributing to their pursuit of victory.

Domin Servo Valves Enable optimised Control

The exceptional performance and minimised leakage of our servo valves have allowed INEOS Britannia to reduce weight and drag. This gives them a significant edge by improving efficiency and boat speed. By minimising leakage, our valves ensure optimal hydraulic control, reducing energy loss and boosting overall performance. The weight savings also let the team reduce aerodynamic drag for even greater speed.

Ongoing Support for Faster Development

As technical partners through the race cycle, we assist INEOS Britannia in testing and iterating their systems to maximise boat performance. Whether providing parts and service or analysing data, we respond rapidly to enable faster on-water development. Our commitment to delivering for the INEOS Britannia team is driven by a shared focus on technical excellence and the pursuit of advancement.

INEOS Britannia Praises the Partnership

Sir Ben Ainslie from INEOS Britannia remarked, “In the world of competitive sailing, every detail counts. The performance of our race boat relies on the seamless integration of advanced technologies. Domin servo valves offer the precision, responsiveness, and reliability required to optimize the control systems of our vessel. We are confident that this partnership will help increase performance in the next America’s Cup.”

Domin Benefits for INEOS Britannia


Our servo valves operate with exceptional performance at very high-pressure. This has allowed the boat to run with a smaller actuation system and minimise aerodynamic drag.

This will enable the INEOS Britannia team to reduce the overall weight of the boat and improve overall efficiency. 
Lower Leakage

Our servo valves ensure increased system efficiency and control by minimising leakage, ultimately reducing energy loss in a system powered by cyclors.

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Partner with Domin

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