Test and Simulation Innovation: Elevating Test Bench Dynamics

Domin servo valves

Empowering DTSquare's Test Benches with Domin Servo Valves

Founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the Institute of Static and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures at the University of Stuttgart, DTSquare embodies a blend of interdisciplinary expertise and practical experience. Specialising in engineering, testing, and test benches, they guide clients from conceptualisation to final testing, employing agile development methodologies underscored by a robust scientific foundation. 

Collaborating with the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT), DTSquare embarked on a project aimed at evaluating drive components subjected to multifaceted forces – rotational, axial, and lateral. This test bench aimed to evaluate drive components subjected to complex combinations of forces. Central to its operation was the integration of high-performance servo valves provided by Domin. 

The test bench incorporates a specialised hydraulic cylinder, co-designed with the “Hänchen” company, offering two additional degrees of freedom—axial and lateral—via a flange extension. A shaker, coupled with a shaft passing through the motor shaft, facilitates axial movement, while lateral forces are generated by hydraulic cylinders utilising Domin’s servo valves. With a minimum requirement of 0.5mm displacement at 200 Hz and 6kN force applied, the system achieves its objectives within a maximum operating frequency of 600 Hz. The hydraulic power is derived from an aggregate digital radial piston pump built by DTSquare. 

Key Features

Key features of the cylinder include the capability to accommodate six valves seamlessly, ensuring minimal resonance up to approximately 300 Hz, and a bespoke system of fibre-reinforced flexures and bearings, enhancing load application precision with minimal clearance. 

Benefits of the S6 Pro X Servo Valve

  • Unparalleled precision and robustness
  • Seamless synchronisation at high frequencies 
  • Enhanced reliability for complex test bench applications 
  • Digital interface for effortless integration and control
Domin’s collaboration with DTSquare exemplifies our commitment to advancing the test and simulation industry. By delivering cutting-edge valve solutions that enhance precision, reliability, and efficiency, we empower engineers and innovators to push the boundaries of technology. 
S6 Pro X

Customer Feedback

“Domin’s valves not only met but exceeded our expectations. Despite time constraints imposed by the delayed delivery of valves from our previous supplier, Domin’s swift response ensured seamless integration into our project timeline. 

“Noteworthy is the commendable phase-matching exhibited by Domin’s valves, even at high frequencies, facilitating smooth operation without necessitating additional synchronisation measures. Feedback from our team underscores satisfaction with the robust build quality and outstanding performance of Domin’s valves. 

“We are very satisfied with Domin’s valves. They are very robust and phase-match is excellent even at high frequencies.”

Frank Deuble, CEO & R&D Manager, DTSquare GmBh 

Partner with Domin

If you have a project that could benefit from customised high-performance hydraulic solutions, contact our team today. We are driven to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible through technical innovation across industries. With extensive expertise in servo valve engineering and a proven track record of enabling success in challenging applications, we are eager to collaborate with new partners. Whether your project is in marine technology, aerospace, automotive, or beyond, let’s explore how our valves can optimise your systems. Reach out now to get started on advancing your technology for the future.