Improving Efficiencies for Animatronics with Motion Industries

High Quality Servo Valves for Mission-Critical Performance

Motion was looking for an alternate solution to an existing direct drive servo valve that was being used by a customer in a series of animatronic figures. The customer needed a solution with specific adaptations delivered in a tight timeframe. It was mission-critical for the customer that the valves worked first time and every time to maintain a high-quality experience for their products. 

After an initial investigation, the Domin S4 Pro direct drive servo valve was a great match because it is compact, high performance, and has high precision. With rigorous pre-life testing before shipping to guarantee quality and reliability, the S4 Pro is the ideal choice for hydraulics in robotics.  

Tailored Customer Support

Domin provided the first valve to Motion for lab testing in February 2021, which, when it passed, was sent to the customer for field-testing in March 2021. That valve is still in service today.  

After the first S4 Pro was tested and approved by the customer, some adaptations were required to meet the future needs of the customer. The Domin team supported Motion to develop an S4 Pro high quality servo valve that had the specific connectors and an additional LED communication feature, making implementation smooth and efficient.  

Throughout the new product development period, the Motion team built a confident and trusting relationship with the team members from Domin. Domin personnel had demonstrated themselves to be very competent and capable technically, but more importantly as trusted advisors that Motion could support, engaging the customer directly. 

S4 Pro

Customer Confidence without Compromise

Domin’s agility in bringing new product design to market has been unmatched by any other supplier that Motion has worked with. The modelling and review process gave the customer exceptional confidence in the performance of the final product and saved a significant amount of time in article development and testing that would have been needed. 

The second valve was completed, delivered, tested, and “approved” by May 2021. Functional performance, and fitment had been met, and now, the customer added a couple items that had been on their “wish list”. Working directly with the customer, through Motion, the Domin engineers met the challenge set by the customer.  They provided an article that set the final product apart from the competitive item that the customer had been using for the past four decades. After final review and testing, and the customer gave sign off at the end of June 2021. 

John Kerlee, the Industry Segment Manager at Motion said; “To deliver three valves designed, modelled, fabricated, delivered from the UK, tested, and approved, during a global pandemic with a chip shortage is absolutely amazing and unheard of in the fluid power world. They also delivered around 300 valves with two different flow valves by the end of September 2021.” 

Motion continues to work with Domin, looking for future opportunities to bring Domin’s high quality servo valves to market and improve efficiencies and performance for companies across the United States.  

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