Additive Manufacturing: Fluid Power – Evolution or Revolution?

Domin Additive Manufacturing Revolution

The Fluid Power sector is quickly picking up and running with metal Additive Manufacturing, seeing its obvious potential benefits to size, weight and design freedom. However, is the industry missing the more important benefit of a holistic redesign revolution? Metal Additive Manufacturing gives you unrivalled design freedom, not complete design freedom, but unrivalled nonetheless. With this new […]

Metal Additive Manufacturing – Is This the End of Different Fluid Power Products for Different Markets?

Domin Metal Additive Manufacturing

Traditionally, the fluid power industry has separated products into different markets such as Aerospace and Industrial, developing products that are optimal for the functional requirements of the respective markets. There are many common requirements such as performance, efficiency and reliability. However, there is a significant difference in the value of weight within markets. In basic […]

Metal Additive Manufacturing – The Skill is in the Engineer

CAD Hydraulic Fluid Dynamics Engineer at Domin

Designing a high-performance engineered product with metal additive manufacturing typically requires a multidisciplinary approach to design. Managing the design of a mechanical product is a highly complex task It requires gathering and understanding significant amounts of data and making decisions with that data. In order to make the best decision, the engineers must understand the […]

Domin use Additive Manufacturing to develop a High Torque Fixed Displacement Pump

Domin were set the project brief of designing and testing a lightweight, high power density and high torque fixed displacement pump. The specification demanded a highly efficient, low speed (4,000 rpm) and high torque positive displacement pump. Domin were awarded an Innovate UK funded smart project to prove the concept and went back to first […]