What are the Criteria for Selecting a Suitable Hydraulic Servo Valve? 

Criteria for Servo Valve

Despite the rapid acceleration of modern technology, the hydraulics industry has remained unchanged for decades and valve users are stuck using the same outdated, inefficient hardware, which forces them to compromise on size, performance, and efficiency.   If you are looking to upgrade the servo valves in your current systems, here are 6 criteria to help […]

Why Reliability is Important for Servo Valves 

Reliable Domin Valves

Current hydraulic systems rely on 20th century design and technology which is now outdated and unreliable. The reliability of hydraulic components is fundamental to achieving optimal performance in day-to-day operations. At Domin, we use a novel approach to design and manufacturing to create high performing and reliable servo valves. A reliable servo valve performs consistently […]

Why is the Performance and Reliability of Servo Valves Important in Motorsport?

At Domin, we are using cutting-edge technology to bring the hydraulics industry into the 21st century by designing and manufacturing world-class hydraulic servo valves that are both reliable and high performing.  In Motorsports, servo valves control the flow of hydraulic fluid used to actuate the brakes, steering, and gears in a vehicle, all of which […]

A Comparison of Two-Stage and Direct Drive Servo Valves

Inside Domin's High Quality Servo Valves

Technological advancement is happening at lightning speed and driving radical change. Applying modern technology to the hydraulics industry could start a revolution, yet until now, it has remained unchanged.   The industry is still, to this day, using historical information to make decisions for the future instead of rethinking how hydraulic systems could be improved using […]

How Domin Has Overcome the Inefficiencies of Traditional Valves 

Domin Valves

Development within the hydraulics industry has been static for decades, supplying customers with products and systems that are outdated, ineffective, and wasteful. There is almost no better example of this than traditional two-stage servo valves.  A common flaw in the design of these valves is parasitic loss. Two-stage valves use a pilot valve to control […]