Join us at the ATI Conference 2023 to see our Electro-hydrostatic Actuation Technology

ATI Conference

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We are excited to be attending the upcoming ATI Conference 2023 in Birmingham over 14-15 November. We have been nominated for the conference’s Innovation Award for our state-of-the-art electro-hydrostatic actuation technology enabling the transition to more electric aircraft.

The ATI Conference is a major two-day event that brings together over 300 aerospace leaders to discuss the latest advancements in sustainable aviation technologies. Organised by the Aerospace Technology Institute, the conference focuses on ultra-efficient and zero-carbon technologies powering the journey to net zero emissions.

“We are honoured to be nominated for the ATI Innovation Award this year,” said Simon Jones, Domin CTO. “Our electro-hydrostatic actuation and control technology finally makes the long-promised More Electric Aircraft architecture a reality without compromise.”

  • Our flight control actuators reduce weight by 50% – removing 550kg per aircraft. They also reduce energy use by 90% compared to competing electro-hydrostatic technologies and enable 28V operation.
  • Our distributed brake-by-wire system delivers 5x the bandwidth of traditional brakes for lower weight and retrofit capability. It also enables 0.4% reduced fuel burn and 10% increased range on UAVs.
  • Our hydraulic power packs deliver electrified hydraulic power generation with up to 90% transmission efficiency and energy regeneration.

By removing large, heavy centralised hydraulic systems and enabling electrification, Domin’s electro-hydrostatic actuation technology innovations significantly reduce aircraft weight and energy use – critical for achieving the industry’s 2050 net zero emissions target.

“The ATI Conference is a great place to connect with other people and organisations that are making serious advancements in aerospace,” said Jones. “We look forward to sharing our actuation and control innovations, learning the latest developments, and networking as we shape the sustainable future of aviation together.”

Our electro-hydrostatic actuation and control solutions accelerate the adoption of next-generation technologies for reduced emissions, increased efficiency, and new capabilities in aerospace.

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