Domin Win Part of £12.7 Million UKRI Funding

Domin UKRI Funding

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Domin has won part of a £13.7 million UK Research & Development (UKRI) grant, working with partners AiBuild, from the latest funding call under the Made Smarter Innovation Challenge, with a project that is focused on creating a Sustainable Smart Factory to reduce energy in manufacturing processes.

This collaborative research and development partnership between Domin and AiBuild will create digital innovations to reduce energy in manufacturing processes to improve sustainability, optimise material usage, which will reduce costs and improve profitability of production.

Developing Sustainability and Digital Innovation in Factories

Guy Brown, Head of R&D at AiBuild, said; “Ai Build are developing AI-powered process monitoring solutions across multiple Additive Manufacturing processes, with the aim of reducing material waste and eliminating energy-intensive post-build inspection. Partnership with Domin on project COMPASS will see the team develop a novel Quality Assurance system for direct implementation in Domin’s high-volume LBPF production line”.

This project is fully supported by the government, with Jackie Doyle-Price MP saying: “Creating and adopting the latest in digital technology solutions will be key to the continued success of our manufacturing sector. It is now critical that companies are using this technology to maximise their potential by driving up their energy efficiency and productivity”.

Reduce Energy Without Compromise

Domin and AiBuild are aiming for this project to add gross value of nearly £200 million and create around 100 skilled jobs for the hydraulics and additive manufacturing industries. Within 5 years, they aim to generate energy savings of 86 GWh and CO2e savings of 20+ tonnes. The application of products by wider industry creates the opportunity to save 1B tonnes by 2030.

The Chief Technology Officer at Domin, Simon Jones said; “Domin are using Additive Manufacturing to develop products and applications that will significantly reduce energy in manufacturing, enabling our partners and the wider industry to save 1B tonnes of CO2e per year by 2030. Being part of Project COMPASS and partnering with Ai Build are key strategic steps towards realising our vision.”

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