Revolutionising Robotics with Domin Servo Valves

Black and white photo of servo valves being made robotically

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The robotics industry has seen significant advancements in recent years thanks to the development of new technologies. Domin, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic systems, has been driving innovation in robotics with next-generation servo valves. Customers are becoming consistently more conscious of reliability and energy efficiency. Domin aims to address these challenges with its high-performance hydraulic range.

Improved Energy Savings for The Robotics Industry

Improved energy savings are achieved by eliminating quiescent leakage from the pilot stage. This results in vastly reduced operating costs and CO2 emissions. Replacing a two-stage valve with a direct drive valve can lead to an annual reduction of 1 ton of CO2, equivalent to saving 2500 kWh of energy per valve. Domin’s servo valves are incredibly efficient. Their compact design, integrated features, and high performance offer up to four times greater energy efficiency compared to competitor products.

Unparalleled Accuracy & Performance

With onboard electronics and electrical feedback, Domin’s servo valves enable closed-loop control and unparalleled flow control accuracy. These valves are ideal for a variety of applications, including land and subsea ROVs, industrial automation, and animatronics. The Domin S4 Pro is a high-performance valve praised for its excellent motion control performance, particularly with position and force control.

Highest Possible Power Density

In the robotics industry, size and weight are crucial factors in enabling the design of compact and energy-efficient systems. The Domin S4 Pro is an excellent example of this, offering 91% less weight, 87% less size, and 70% faster speed compared to a Bosch 4WRPEH 6, while also offering 100% higher bandwidth. Domin valves are being used by a growing number of customers in the robotics industry.

By upgrading to Domin’s next-generation servo valves, companies can achieve increased productivity, greater repeatability, and improved energy efficiency in their robotics. Domin’s cutting-edge technology is paving the way for a more sustainable future in the robotics industry, while also improving the performance and efficiency of hydraulic systems.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your current hydraulic systems in the robotics industry, contact Domin. Explore our product range here and talk to one of our technical sales team.

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