SWIFT Grant Success to revolutionise high-performance valves

Swift Digital Data

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Domin is very proud to announce that they have been successful in securing Innovate UK funding to carry out an exciting and innovative project to revolutionise power delivery and control for mobile applications, specifically focusing on ‘digital’ hydraulics and high-performance valves.

In this 9-month project, we will work closely with collaborative partners the University of Bath and build on their deep expertise in the area of Switch Inertance Hydraulic Systems (SIHS) – enabling a move away from high-loss resistive control to a much more efficient digital fluid control system. The key enabler for this technology is a very high-speed, low-loss valve. Building on our proven expertise in the design of high-performance valves, and utilising Additive Manufacturing technology, we will design, manufacture and test a proof-of-concept demonstrator. We are supported in this project by a strong industrial steering group to ensure alignment with real user needs.

Current resistive hydraulic systems are widely used across many industrial sectors and have typical efficiencies of 20-25%. We aim to prove the technology in this project that can raise this to 80-95%, providing significant positive step changes in the cost of ownership and environmental impact for customers. This project is a perfect fit with Domin’s mission to revolutionise the fluid power industry and create a digital sustainable future for us all.

The below image shows the key performance metrics we are targeting with this project – a step change against the current state of the art on all fronts.

Swift Digital Data

This project is supported by Innovate UK. Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency, supporting innovation in science and technology. The agency drives productivity and growth by supporting businesses to realise the potential of new technologies, develop ideas, and make them a commercial success.

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