Keeping the Timber Industry Moving with Domin Servo Valves

The timber industry relies on high-performance hydraulic systems to keep operations running smoothly. However, the harsh environments found in sawmills and timber processing facilities can take a toll on components like servo valves, leading to costly downtime. Domin S6 and S10 Pro servo valves are proving to be a rugged and reliable solution for solution providers across the wood processing industry. 

Timber Industry

The Timber Industry's Servo Valve Problem

Timber manufacturing operations like optimisers, lathes, and saws depend on hydraulic servo systems to control machinery performing cutting, sorting and other functions. However, contaminants like wood chips, sawdust and sap can wreak havoc on delicate servo valves. This leads to stick-slip, clogging and eventual failures that cause unplanned downtime and maintenance headaches. 

With tight margins, any downtime cuts into profits and productivity. Failures require cleaning or replacing contaminated servo valves, an expensive and time-consuming repair. The total cost of downtime and extra maintenance quickly adds up, hurting the bottom line. 

Manufacturers urgently need servo valves that can withstand the challenging environments and contamination levels found in timber facilities day after day. However, legacy servo valves from suppliers like Bosch, Moog and Woodward are not up to the task. Their products struggle with chip shear events and have considerable maintenance needs. The industry badly needs a reliable solution built for timber’s tough conditions.

Domin's Rugged, High-Performance Solution

Domin S6 and S10 Pro servo valves are engineered specifically to thrive in harsh industrial environments like timber processing. With robust construction, intelligent electronics and high resistance to contaminants, Domin valves are ready to tackle the most demanding sawmill conditions. 


Key benefits include: 

  • Contaminant-resistant design withstands chip shear events with less downtime 
  • Intelligent electronics resist vibration at high cycle rates 
  • Lack of delicate pilot stage seals prevents clogging issues 
  • Streamlined construction with fewer parts increases longevity 
  • Drop-in replacement for existing Bosch, Moog, and Woodward valves 


This purpose-built ruggedness enables Domin valves to outperform previous solutions in uptime, lifecycle cost savings and sustainability. Customers report the valves delivering premium performance despite years of exposure to contaminants, vibration, and rough handling – keeping equipment running day in and day out. 

Customer Success Story

Leading Pacific Northwest distributor, Peerless Engineering, discovered that Domin valves deliver outstanding reliability where other brands have struggled. They had seen too many premature failures from major suppliers’ products in demanding sawmill environments. 

After installing Domin S6 and S10 Pro valves, Peerless found the performance exceeded expectations. As they shared, “We didn’t expect this valve to be so cost-effective and handle extreme vibration at high cycle rates. With fewer parts and easy maintenance, we’re saving money with better uptime and performance.” 

By partnering with Domin, Peerless improved reliability for their customers while reducing maintenance costs. The valves handled everything timber environments dished out and then some. 

Next Steps 

If your timber operation is experiencing problems that can be connected to your current servo valves, new solutions now exist for you to explore. Contact Domin today to learn how our rugged, reliable valves can maximise uptime while minimising costs for your manufacturing equipment. Purpose-built for timber’s tough conditions, Domin valves are ready to tackle your biggest hydraulic challenges.   

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