Domin Awarded Patent for Innovative S4 Pro Servo Valve

Domin S4 Pro Servo Proportional Valve

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We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a patent for our revolutionary S4 Pro Servo Valve.

The S4 Pro is a high-performance servo valve that utilizes a direct drive design to provide unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness in motion control applications. The patent covers the unique and innovative features of the S4 Pro, including its rotary valve architecture. “We are thrilled to have been awarded this patent,” said Marcus Pont, the CEO of Domin. “The S4 Pro is a game-changing product, and this patent recognition is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication.”

An innovative design for motion control

The S4 Pro Direct Drive Servo Valve is designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial control systems, including those in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, mobile, and robotics industries and beyond. With its advanced features and precision control, the S4 Pro is well-suited for applications such as precision motion control, machine tooling, and process control.

“The S4 Pro is a major step forward in the field of motion control,” said Simon Jones, CTO of Domin. “Its direct drive design and advanced control algorithms provide a level of precision and responsiveness that was previously unattainable. We are excited to see the impact it will have on our customers’ operations.”
Our rotary direct drive servo valves offer class-leading performance in a highly compact package, making them the clear choice for motion control applications across a wide range of industries. It is great to secure protection for the technology and allows us to continue delivering this product to satisfied customers worldwide.

High quality and performance

We are committed to developing the highest-quality motion control solutions that reimagine how energy is used. “Our application of innovative design and manufacturing processes, such as Additive Manufacturing,” Simon Jones continues, “give us the ability to lead the charge on bringing the fluid power industry into a modern, electrified, sustainable world, together saving 15 tonnes of CO2 per valve sold.”

The S4 Pro Servo Proportional Valve is available for purchase now

Domin’s team of experts is ready to provide support and assistance to customers interested in incorporating this innovative product into their operations.

Explore the S4 Pro and configure yours today.

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