Next-Generation Hydraulic Servo Valves for Metal Processing Manufacturers

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Metal processing manufacturers rely on hydraulic technology to power the machines that produce a wide range of metal products, from structures to automotive parts. Metal processing manufacturers are facing significant challenges with their hydraulic systems as they aim to increase efficiency, reliability, and profitability.

Reliability, Contamination Resistance & Failure Detection

Unwavering reliability is non-negotiable for metal processing manufacturers. Manufacturers are looking to elevate their operations to drive efficiency.

Domin’s next-generation hydraulic servo valves are revolutionizing the metal industry by addressing these challenges and enhancing production processes. The valves are subjected to rigorous pre-life testing before shipping to guarantee their quality and reliability. Engineered using state-of-the-art analysis techniques and tested to the extremes that the valves need to withstand in the intense metal processing conditions.

Ensuring reliability and minimizing the risk of contamination and potential failures are critical concerns for manufacturers within the metal processing industry. The metal processing industry requires their systems to be dependable and efficient.

The high-powered electric motors in Domin’s direct drive servo valves deliver exceptional resistance to particulates or contamination, while our cutting-edge onboard electronics can detect and instantly shut down the valve in the event of thermal management or power demand during continuous events.
Two stage valves are prone to repeated and early failure through the tiny control nozzles that control the spool. Domin’s high-performance direct driver servo valves have eliminated all small blockage prone features, removing this risk of failure all together.

Magnéto Hydraulique et Pneumatique Inc tested the Domin S6 Pro direct drive servo valve and said, “The valve is well-made, with great hysteresis, and good repeatability. We tested it thoroughly and were unable to find any faults.”

Energy Savings for Metal Processing Manufacturers

There is increasing pressure on metal processing manufacturers to reduce their production’s environmental impact and build a more sustainable future. Eliminating quiescent leakage from the pilot stage can significantly reduce hydraulic power consumption and CO2 emissions. In fact, replacing a two-stage valve with a direct drive valve can lead to an annual reduction of 1 ton of CO2, equivalent to saving around $400 of energy per valve per year.

The Domin direct drive servo valves are not only eco-friendly but with their compact design, integrated features, and high-performance, they reduce quiescent energy use by 75% compared to competitor products.

The Domin hydraulic servo valves are revolutionising the metal processing industry. Their customers have achieved increased energy savings, reduced contamination resistance & improved reliability. Learn more about these next-generation servo valves, or contact us to see how we can find the perfect solution for your business.

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