Domin Make it Simple to Interchange Valves in Existing Hydraulic Systems

Domin Hydraulic System

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Hydraulic systems play a critical role in various industries, from construction and agriculture to manufacturing and aerospace. These systems rely on valves to control the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluids, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. However, as technologies advance and operational requirements change, it becomes necessary to update and replace valves in existing hydraulic systems if you want to stay ahead of the curve and enhance system performance.

Why is Valve Interchangeability Important?

As industries evolve, so do the demands on hydraulic systems. Factors like increased productivity, improved efficiency, and enhanced safety drive the need to update and interchange valves within existing systems. However, replacing valves can be a daunting task, as it often involves compatibility issues, potential downtime, and complex integration procedures. However, Domin offer a range of innovative solutions to streamline this process and make it worthwhile.

The Domin Advantage: A Modular Approach

Domin are a pioneer in hydraulic engineering, providing cutting-edge products and solutions that prioritise efficiency and high performance. One significant advantage is our modular approach to valve design. We manufacture a range of hydraulic servo valves that share common standardised interfaces and mounting patterns. This modularity facilitates seamless interchangeability, ensuring that the transition from old to new valves is hassle-free and requires minimal to no system modification.

Key Benefits of Domin's Interchangeable Servo Valves

Plug-and-Play Integration: With Domin’s interchangeable servo valves, the integration process is often as simple as plug-and-play. Flexible configuration options and the standardised port patterns ensure a perfect fit, minimising the need for custom adapters or alterations to your existing hydraulic system. This makes the transition swift and straightforward, even for operators with limited technical expertise. Where a direct change isn’t possible, we offer adaptor plates to make it easy to interchange legacy valve on outdated footprints.

Streamlined Maintenance: Due to the high reliability of Domin servo valves, routine maintenance is easy. Service technicians can quickly diagnose issues and replace faulty parts. Easy maintenance reduces down-time and the removal or optimisation of failure prone parts.

More Power, Less Space: Our valves are much smaller and more compact than any others currently on the market, but don’t let their size fool you. Following rigorous testing of up to a million cycles, Domin servo valve performance compared to major competitors is ranked highest for factors such as hysteresis, leakage, frequency response and response time, demonstrating that our valves not only perform better, but they are also very robust, improving the performance of the valve, increasing repeatability and accuracy throughout its life.

Our valves are also much more compact than existing valves on the market, for example our S10 Pro valve, which has a high flow rate of 50-250l/min yet is a fraction of the size compared to competitor valves. To achieve the same, most of our competitors use a second stage to achieve the same flow, but we have removed it entirely.

Future-Proofing Your System: The development of hydraulic valves has been static for over 70 years despite the advancement in technology. At Domin, we leveraged the opportunity to bring the hydraulics industry into the 21st century using modern technology such as additive manufacturing, modern electronics, position sensing and brushless DC motors. This technology has encouraged us to rethink how hydraulic servo valves are designed and manufactured and enabled us to develop ground-breaking technology that will be at the forefront of hydraulics for years to come.

Compatibility and Flexibility: Whether you need to upgrade to higher-performance valves, incorporate advanced control features, or optimise your system’s performance, the enhanced compatibility and flexibility of our valves means we can adapt to your changing requirements with ease.

Domin’s commitment to simplicity and efficiency in hydraulic engineering makes valve interchangeability an easy and stress-free process. As industries continue to advance, having a hydraulic system that can adapt and evolve is critical. Domin valves empower businesses to stay at the forefront of innovation ensuring optimal performance and long-term success. If you want to optimise the performance of your hydraulic system using Domin valves, contact sales.

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