Improving Performance in Partnership with INEOS Britannia

INEOS Britannia boat

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Technical Innovation Pushing Boundaries

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with INEOS Britannia, one of the six sailing teams competing in the upcoming America’s Cup race. As part of this collaboration, We are supplying INEOS Britannia with state-of-the-art high-performance servo valves, enabling them to enhance the performance and agility of their race boat.

The America’s Cup, known for its intense competition and technical innovations, provides a unique platform for showcasing ground-breaking technology in the world of sailing.

Our dedication to delivering cutting-edge technologies in high-performance hydraulic systems will redefine industries around the world, and sailing is no exception. With a relentless focus on innovation, our advanced hydraulic components will help the INEOS Britannia team push the boundaries of their sport.

High-Performance Servo Valves

Our servo valves operate with exceptional performance at very high-pressure level, while minimizing leakage, which has enabled the INEOS Britannia team to reduce the overall weight of the boat and minimise aerodynamic drag.
With reduced weight and improved aerodynamics, the INEOS Britannia gains a substantial competitive edge, increasing its chances of victory in high-stakes races. By minimizing leakage, the our servo valves ensure optimal efficiency and control, ultimately reducing energy loss and improving the boat’s overall performance.

Backed by Sir Jim Ratcliffe and led by the world’s most successful Olympic sailor, Sir Ben Ainslie, INEOS Britannia has consistently pushed the boundaries of sailing technology and is the first British team to compete in three consecutive Cup cycles since 1930. The team’s dedication to excellence has positioned them as a force to be reckoned with.

A Partnership for Success

Marcus Pont, our CEO, is excited about the partnership, staying, “We are delighted to be working with INEOS Britannia, a team renowned for their excellence and commitment to pushing the boundaries of sailing technology. By supplying them with our high-performance servo valves, we aim to contribute to their pursuit of victory in the America’s Cup. This collaboration is a testament to our relentless focus on innovation and our commitment to supporting our customers in achieving their goals.”

Our role as a partner to the INEOS Britannia team will continue through the race cycle. Their customer focused approach stands out for its agility, commitment to customer satisfaction, and its drive to achieve the best outcome for the customer. Whether it is providing technical solutions, sending replacement valves on short notice, or analysing data, our technical team continues to go above and beyond to enable the INEOS Britannia team to test and develop the technology to on their boat, get out on the water faster, and maximise every minute of preparation to set the team up for a win.

Advancement in Sailing Technology

The technical team at INEOS Britannia is pleased to be working with us and excited about using our revolutionary servo valves on their boat. Sir Ben Ainslie from INEOS remarked “In the world of competitive sailing, every detail counts. The performance of our race boat relies on the seamless integration of advanced technologies. Domin’s servo valves offer the precision, responsiveness, and reliability required to optimize the control systems of our vessel. We are confident that this partnership will help increase performance in the next America’s Cup.”

The Domin and INEOS Britannia collaboration marks an exciting milestone in the advancement of sailing technology, as both companies strive to push the boundaries of performance in the America’s Cup. By combining our expertise and leveraging the latest innovations, this partnership aims to set new benchmarks in speed, manoeuvrability, and efficiency for the future of the America’s Cup.

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