Domin Webinar: Exploring Next-Generation Servo Valves 

Domin Webinar

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We’re excited to share the practical insights from our recent live webinar focusing on our latest servo valve technology. This inaugural event provided a deep dive into the engineering and applications of our high-performance servo valves, offering valuable takeaways for enhancing system efficiencies.

In addition to an introduction and history of Domin, the event also covered these key areas of our servo valve technology:

Advanced Technology: From additive manufacturing to modern electronics and onboard sensors, we explained how these cutting-edge technologies enable us to enhance the capabilities of our valves.

Engineering Excellence: Our experts discussed the engineering behind our servo valves, emphasising how precision engineering and innovative design contribute to their high performance and reliability.

Precision Control Elevated: Attendees gained insights into how our next-generation valves redefine precision control, achieving unmatched levels of accuracy and responsiveness.

Real-World Applications: We shared real-world examples and success stories, demonstrating how Domin servo valves are making a difference across various industries, including our work with Visi-Trak, INEOS Britannia, and The Servo Group.

Our servo valves Product Owner, Jerome Carson, gave a behind the scenes look at the feature and products that are being developed this year. These includes new certifications for hazardous environments as well as higher flow valves for a variety of applications.

Our goal is to showcase the practical benefits of Domin servo valves and provide actionable insights for improving system performance. Stay updated on our upcoming webinars and other developments by signing up for the Domin newsletter, which explores the world of hydraulic technology and shares how Domin servo valves can optimise your systems for greater efficiency and productivity.

We’re thrilled to kick off this webinar series and continue exploring technical areas alongside our partners in distribution and OEMs. Check out the webinar recording here.

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