How Plastics Manufacturers are Using Domin’s Hydraulic Servo Valves

Plastics Manufacturing

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Plastics manufacturers rely on hydraulic technology to drive the production of a wide range of plastic products, including injection moulding, extrusion blow moulding, and more. However, with the aim to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and profitability, manufacturers are facing significant challenges with their hydraulic systems.

Higher Reliability for Plastics Manufacturers

With machines operating around the clock to maintain production, reducing downtime and maintenance costs are core objectives for plastics manufacturers. Having reliable components is imperative, with unplanned downtime costing companies millions of dollars every year.

Domin hydraulic servo valves are designed for higher reliability, making them the ideal choice for manufacturers in the demanding plastics industry. They are subjected to rigorous pre-life testing before shipping to guarantee their quality and reliability.

Built with hard-wearing materials, they can withstand high-pressure, high temperature, and other harsh conditions. Intelligent onboard electronics can detect and instantly shut down the valve in the event of thermal management or power demand during continuous events. Domin’s modern approach to electronics design and production means our electronics are less prone to failure through vibration and high temperatures.

Delta Motion Inc tested the Domin servo valves and said that “The Domin S6 Pro is a high-performance valve that competes very well with the other major manufacturers in terms of motion control performance, particularly with position and force control. The linear response of control output to flow of the valve allows it to be tuned easily, and the response time and bandwidth are very good. The valve exhibits excellent force control and is very stable during motion. In the testing we performed, we were not able to get the valve to misbehave or go unstable, which means the valve can handle very difficult control situations.”

Improved Precision & Repeatability for Plastics Manufacturers

As technology evolves within the plastics industry, manufacturers are looking for improved precision and repeatability to ensure reliable production growth.

The advanced algorithms in Domin’s direct drive servo valves provide responsive control over the hydraulic system, allowing for improved precision throughout the plastic moulding process. The high positional accuracy & low hysteresis of our valves ensure high precision of movement in both directions. This leads to improved product quality and reduced scrap rates.

The onboard electronics closes the loop on spool position, providing a step change in flow control accuracy and repeatability compared to our competitors. These features make Domin valves the ideal choice for manufacturers looking to achieve improved precision & repeatability in their operations.

With Domin’s high-performance servo proportional valves, you can achieve improved precision control, reduced downtime, and improved profitability. Learn more about these next-generation servo valves, or contact us to see how we can find the perfect solution for your business.

Energy Savings in Plastics Manufacturing

There is increasing pressure on plastics manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of their production. Eliminating quiescent leakage from the pilot stage can significantly reduce hydraulic power consumption and CO2 emissions. In fact, replacing a two-stage valve with a direct drive valve can lead to an annual reduction of 1 ton of CO2, equivalent to saving $400 of energy costs per valve per year.

The Domin direct drive servo valves are not only eco-friendly but with their compact design, integrated features, and high-performance, they reduce quiescent energy use by 75% compared to competitor products.

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