How Domin is Investing in Innovative Technologies to Grow the UK sector

Domin Technology

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Domin is an innovative technology and engineering company based in Bristol, UK, that is pioneering the future of hydraulics. The company is making significant investments in cutting-edge technologies to drive growth and contribute to the development of the UK advanced engineering sector.

As part of the rapid growth of the business and Domin’s commitment to the UK manufacturing, we have combined our previous manufacturing facility from Poland, a validation and development space and a small assembly and test facility in the Southwest of the UK into one state-of-the-art facility in north Bristol.

The new Domin Technology Centre is a high-tech facility to enable us to collaborate and deliver on future projects and scale our servo valve manufacturing business under one roof. The facility enables Domin to keep lead times low and maintain high quality standards through best-in-class machines and technology for in-house design and manufacturing.

Expanding Valve Production Capabilities

The Domin Technology Centre significantly expands production capabilities for hydraulic valves to meet growing worldwide demand. The facility houses the best machines and technology for in-house design and manufacturing of valves. By bringing multiple processes under one roof, from design to production, Domin can serve customers across diverse industries and markets while keeping lead times low. The state-of-the-art Technology Centre enables flexible, high-volume valve production so Domin can rapidly deliver for clients from across the globe.

Domin Development Projects

At the Domin Technology Centre, the team works collaboratively to create market-leading digital hydraulic components and systems. The facility improves project development through in-house design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities. By housing multiple disciplines under one roof, Domin facilitates rapid prototyping and iterations. The on-site engineering team can design innovative new valve or pump concepts while the manufacturing team begins fabrication using cutting-edge techniques like additive manufacturing. Bringing collaboration between teams to a single state-of-the-art facility enables Domin to quickly take projects from concept to prototype to production. Current projects benefiting from the Technology Centre’s capabilities include active suspension systems, brake-by-wire, pump technology, valve development and other innovations across industries.

Measurement & Quality Control

Precision measurement both on and off machine allows Domin to ensure components meet stringent tolerances. The team is also developing capabilities in coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to enable real-time feedback for manufacturing adjustments. This focus on measurement enables exceptional quality control.

“The quality control within manufacturing is mostly through measurement. So we’re measuring components both on machine and off machine, looking at developing CMM as a capability and how we can then feed that back into the machine so that we get live updates on offsets and things to be able to make sure that we retain within our process control limits in terms of manufacturing.” Tom Edwards, Production Manager

Pioneering the Future of Hydraulics

Domin is pioneering hydraulics through additive manufacturing, modern electronics, position sensing, and digital connectivity. The company has recently invested in the Renishaw RenAM 500Q additive manufacturing machine to produce sophisticated hydraulic circuits using metal 3D printing.

“”These high-performance valves show how additive manufacturing is increasingly suitable for high-spec, high production applications where it was previously uneconomic.” Bryan Austin, Director of AM Sales at Renishaw

“Our technology is different, is different to the other, to the rest of the hydraulics industry. And we want to show that off. We want people to come and see it, learn and experience from it.” Tom Edwards, Production Manager

Domin’s New Technology Centre

The new facility provides a state-of-the-art foundation for Domin to pioneer hydraulic innovation in the UK. Significant investments in technology will drive growth and contribute to developing the UK tech sector.

The Domin Technology Centre is a state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facility that will support the rapid growth of Domin’s operations.

“The Domin Technology Centre allows us to create this real foundation for growth.

Bristol gives us that great balance between a young up and coming city that has great talent, great universities, and access to all of the other companies around us that can either feed into us or become customers. It gives us a great centre in the U.K. where we have access to incredible talent, all the resources we have around us, the fantastic supply chain.

Set up these production lines that we need in order to be able to make hundreds of thousands and millions of components a year. And it will set the standard for us for excellence, which we can duplicate in our global expansion.” Marcus Pont, CEO

The Domin Technology Centre represents a significant investment in growth and innovation for hydraulics. The new facility, with cutting-edge machines like the Renishaw AM system, will enable Domin to pioneer new manufacturing techniques and push hydraulic technology forward. By housing the entire process from design to production in the UK, Domin is committed to developing British manufacturing. The Technology Centre will allow Domin to scale up production and drive economic growth while cementing the company’s position at the forefront of hydraulic innovation worldwide. Domin’s expansion shows how investing in infrastructure and emerging technologies benefits tech companies and invigorates the UK’s manufacturing sector.

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