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The Future of Hydraulics is at Domin

For over 70 years, the hydraulics industry has been using the same hardware for its systems. These hydraulic systems are only around 23% efficient, which results in a massive amount of energy being wasted . Domin is leading a technology revolution to developing cutting-edge hydraulic products that can increase the efficiency of systems from 23% to up to 90%.

We are on a mission to completely disrupt and transform hydraulics to benefit globally important industries, people, and the planet. Domin aims to reduce 1 gigatonne of CO2e per year by 2030 through our innovative products.
As we rapidly grow and push boundaries, we are looking for talented individuals who want to be part of something groundbreaking. Working at Domin gives you the chance to realise your full potential, while making a positive global impact.

“What excites me most about here is we work on some really cool, innovative projects that has some good potential to make a big impact. And, and in our world.” Shirley Stephen, Design Engineer

The Pulse of Innovation

The culture at Domin is vibrant with an ambitious team united by our vision to change the world through technology. We maintain a culture of learning, growth, and innovation. Our agile environment provides the freedom to pursue ideas, take on new opportunities, and constantly develop yourself.
Our values shape the way we collaborate and drive us forward each day. The work is challenging, and no two days are ever the same. You will be motivated by the passion and expertise of your teammates.

“Everyone’s very friendly. It’s a really nice office, a good culture and strong leadership. And I think everyone feels that we’ve got a special product that is going to change the world and the hydraulics industry. And we’re working on some cool projects, and it’s great just to be a part of that.” Sam Hillberg, Technical Sales Manager

Accelerating Careers

At Domin, you will have the chance to learn from leaders in engineering and business. We are invested in your growth and provide support to help you meet your professional goals.
You will be hands-on with groundbreaking technology from day one. The work we do has a real-world global impact. You will apply your skills and expertise to solve meaningful challenges.

“At the moment, we’re working on an active suspension system and getting to apply the technology and the skills and knowledge I have. That is really exciting.” Andrew Merrin, Software Engineer.

We promote from within and reward initiative. As you demonstrate growth, you will be given more responsibilities and opportunities to advance. Employees who join Domin in entry level roles have progressed into management and senior technical positions within a few years.

Leading the Future

The future of hydraulics will be shaped by the revolutionary technology Domin is developing today. Our products make operations more efficient, reduce waste, lower emissions, and optimise supply chains.

You have the opportunity to work alongside leading experts with the resources and knowledge you need to thrive. Join our team to realise your potential while contributing to our mission.

For more information about joining the Domin journey, visit our careers page here.

Set New Standards for Your Organisation

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