How Domin Has Overcome the Inefficiencies of Traditional Valves 

Development within the hydraulics industry has been static for decades, supplying customers with products and systems that are outdated, ineffective, and wasteful. There is almost no better example of this than traditional two-stage servo valves.  A common flaw in the design of these valves is parasitic loss. Two-stage valves use a pilot valve to control […]

MANIFEST: Micro Electric Actuation System for Future More-Electric Aircraft Systems

Domin Join A Trailblazing Team To Develop Novel Braking Technology For Aerospace Domin’s world-leading x-by-wire solutions enable the rapid transition to high performing, sustainable systems in a digital world. As transportation is electrified, actuation systems need to follow suit. For aerospace actuation and braking, traditional centralised systems are too heavy and existing electro-magnetic solutions are […]

How Weight Affects Hydraulic Performance, Cost and Energy Savings

Compact Hydraulic Valve

Considering industries such as Aerospace and Robotics rely heavily on hydraulics, why is the technology so out of date? Where companies like Tesla and Instagram are redefining their sectors, it’s about time that the hydraulic industry went through an overhaul. Domin is driving a technological revolution to reimagine hydraulic performance. Does the Hydraulics Industry Have a […]

Rotary Control Brings Revolution in Size and Robustness to Servo Valves

Rotary Digital Control Hydraulic Servo Valves

By harnessing the power of additive manufacturing and other 21st-century technologies, Domin has taken a largely common design (the linear servo valve) and has created a unique interpretation of rotary control that squeezes out every possible drop of performance. We then took the manual for a ‘traditional’ hydraulic servo valve and threw it out the […]

Additive Manufacturing: Fluid Power – Evolution or Revolution?

Additive Manufacturing Revolution

The Fluid Power sector is quickly picking up and running with metal Additive Manufacturing, seeing its obvious potential benefits to size, weight and design freedom. However, is the industry missing the more important benefit of a holistic redesign revolution? Metal Additive Manufacturing gives you unrivalled design freedom, not complete design freedom, but unrivalled nonetheless. With this new […]

Metal Additive Manufacturing – Is This the End of Different Fluid Power Products for Different Markets?

Domin Metal Additive Manufacturing

Traditionally, the fluid power industry has separated products into different markets such as Aerospace and Industrial, developing products that are optimal for the functional requirements of the respective markets. There are many common requirements such as performance, efficiency and reliability. However, there is a significant difference in the value of weight within markets. In basic […]

Metal Additive Manufacturing – The Skill is in the Engineer

CAD Hydraulic Fluid Dynamics Engineer at Domin

Designing a high-performance engineered product with metal additive manufacturing typically requires a multidisciplinary approach to design. Managing the design of a mechanical product is a highly complex task It requires gathering and understanding significant amounts of data and making decisions with that data. In order to make the best decision, the engineers must understand the […]

Additive Manufacturing – Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics Digital Twins

When designing new products, engineers must validate their decisions based on evidence they can gather around them. There comes a point in the design process where a decision must be made on which concept is worth developing, be it for economic, performance or aesthetic reasons. Before the digital age, engineers relied on crude assumption-based calculations […]

Domin’s Approach to Quality

Domin Additive Manufacturing

Delivering Reliability in Additive Manufacturing with Quality Control In 2019, Domin became the first company in the world to sell an off-the-shelf product manufactured using metal Additive Manufacturing. Being the first meant having to solve problems and create quality control measures without accepted solutions. One of the core challenges with adopting any new production process […]